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December 3, 2012

so, it’s been a while and i’ve been neglecting the blog. there are a lot of reasons for that, but mostly i haven’t done much knitting over the past few months; in the months from february to june, i finished a crop of designs that were to be released in the fall, and then never started anything new. i’ve been doing a lot of live music photography and reading, and started taking pottery lessons. but i have been feeling the itch to get back into knitting.

here are a few of my deadline projects from the first half of this year.

gammon, from o-wool. this henley with deep hemmed edging and lacy accents was fun to knit and is the perfect fall weight. it has snap closures and you can wear it open, like in the photo, or closed, so that the high neck keeps you nice and toasty if you forget your scarf (like i always do!). i love working with o-wool yarns, so this one was a real treat.


tern and the mitts pictured below, peregrine, were put out by harrisville designs. i LOVE this sweater. another fun thing about the harrisville patterns is that i did some photo work for their fall line, so some of the pictures you see on their website are mine! both of these pictured are mine, although a different picture is used officially for the tern pattern. it was a great opportunity to hone my photoshoot skills.


well, that’s what i’ve been up to! i hope to get back to the blog in less than ten months next time.

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